types of natural rubber

  • Rubber Technology: Classification of Rubber

    Natural rubber is a solid product obtained through coagulating the latex produced by certain plants, particularly the Brazilian rubber-tree (Hevea Brasiliensis).


    This work investigates the effect of various types of aliphatic ... (2017) REINFORCEMENT OF NATURAL RUBBER BY SILICA ... REINFORCEMENT OF NATURAL RUBBER BY SILICA ...

  • Introduction Lemar Rubber

    This manual of "International Standards of Quality and Packing for Natural Rubber Grades ... a listing and definitions of other types and grades of dry natural rubber.

  • General Properties of Elastomers elbex-us.com

    GENERAL PROPERTIES OF ELASTOMERS ELASTOMER PAGE Butyl 2 ... Natural rubber deteriorates when ... It is a good multipurpose rubber, but there are other types

  • Types of Rubber Materials Choose the right rubber

    Choose the Right Rubber. ... can be found in high quality natural rubber. Natural rubber is formed in the bark ... and used to manufacture various types of elastic ...

  • Synthetic rubber Wikipedia

    By 1925 the price of natural rubber had increased to the point that many companies were exploring methods of producing synthetic rubber to compete with natural rubber.