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    The Italian Dolomites are one of those bucket-list places. Stunning mountains, great hiking, beautiful food and a vacation steeped in La Dolce Vita.

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    Many people know the striking shapes of the Dolomites, but a feature that is less well known, but equally amazing, is the alpine lakes.

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    Ride famous climbs in the Italian Dolomites on Trek Travel's fully supported Classic Climbs of the Dolomites cycling vacation. Learn more today!

  • Dolomites Location, Mountains, & Facts

    Dolomites: Dolomites, mountain group lying in the eastern section of the northern Italian Alps. The range comprises a number of impressive peaks, the highest of

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    Hike the Dolomites and discover the incredible landscapes, breathtaking vistas, and amazing trails of this alpine playground with expert local guides at Italian Office +39 0471 840005 North American Office +1 866 247 4860 [email protected]

  • Brenta group Wikipedia

    The Brenta Group or Brenta Dolomites (Italian: Dolomiti di Brenta) is a mountain range, and a subrange of the Rhaetian Alps in the Southern Limestone Alps mountain group. They are located in the Province of Trentino, in northeastern Italy. It is the only dolomitic group west of river Adige.