#FundaFuture launches crowdfunding initiative for South African education

#FundaFuture launches crowdfunding initiative for South African education

#FundaFuture is launching a crowdfunding movement of active citizens who believe in the power of tertiary education to help build a great nation, South Africa.

The project, which launches on 26 January 2016, came about in response to the on-going challenge that students face trying to pay university & college fees they cannot afford. It’s a partnership between students and individual South Africans. We help the students pay their fees, the students do the work. Together, we create the future leaders of South Africa.

#FundaFuture is a means for every individual South African to become part of the solution. The recent protests and campaigns raise the spectre of discontent; the #FundaFuture movement focuses on a collaborative solution.

How does it work? Using the power of alumni networks, #FundaFuture is building a “league of champions”’ who are raising money for the tertiary institution of their choice via South Africa’s most successful donations crowdfunding platform, backabuddy.co.za. The collective funds raised go directly to the students, through the university financial aid boards.

‘We believe that no person should be excluded from university based on their inability to pay the required fees’, says #FundaFuture Champion, Patrick Schofield.  ‘For students who work hard and pass their exams, we want to help them pay their fees. It’s a partnership and we’re investing in our country’s future.’

Collaborating with universities across South Africa, the organisation aims to raise R10 million per university this year, assisting at least 200 students per institution.




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